Mount Avoca Conservation Zone

Vision for tomorrow

We're dedicating 40 hectares (100 acres) of its 160 hectare (400 acre) property to regenerate native bushland.  This area will be privately managed but open to the public with a focus on education and recreation. This initiative is set to transform your experience at Mount Avoca, offering a haven of natural beauty and exploration for all our visitors.

the vision
What's in Store

By dedicating this space on our property to regenerate native bushland, we're creating an oasis for you to discover and enjoy. From picturesque walking trails to adrenaline-pumping MTB routes, there's something here for every nature lover and adventure seeker.

 Mount Avoca Conservation Zone

Historical Background

Originally mined and deforested, the area shows a 20-year natural regeneration, turning into a sanctuary for native biodiversity, showcasing ecological recovery.

Reviving Mount Avoca: Ongoing Restoration Efforts

Future Developments

Goals include enhanced trail networks, historical signage, and integration with regional digital platforms, fostering a blend of conservation and recreation.

  • Restore the "humpy" for public use.
  • Install accessible gates for tourists and bikers.
  • Develop a camping and glamping site with sustainable facilities.
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