Museum and Special Releases

    Organoleptic Adventures in Time.

    After the spectacular success of our Master Classes showcasing our older wines over the last few years we are now offering for sale wines from our "museum" as well as wines from both the private cellars of founder John Barry who has just celebrated his 90th birthday and son and owner Matthew Barry.
    We will be offering both 750ml, 1.5L and 375ml bottles and quantities vary from one or two bottles to several dozen. 

    Our aim is to provide some fun experiences and conversations so the prices are slightly higher than our current range of wines in most cases but the prices don't really reflect the cost of storage or time value of holding these wines - in many cases for several decades.

    We love the idea of sharing this window into the history of Mount Avoca and look forward to hearing and sharing your comments and thoughts.

    Most of these wines are under cork and we will be offering a replacement guarantee for all of these wines.  If they don't meet your expectations we will be more than happy to replace the supplied wine.  If we no longer have any stock we will endeavour to find the closect match of equivalent value.

    We have been delighted that our older wines are suprisingly consistent although there will always be some variation, hence the well known maxim: “There are no great wines, only great bottles.”

    An interesting read on so-called "experts" and bottle variation.