Museum Wines

    Do you remember 1997? A seminal year that gave the world Harry Potter, Titanic and the iconic Spice Girls movie, it also happened to produce a bumper crop of shiraz here in the Pyrenees. And who could forget 1998? At Mount Avoca, we doubled our annual yield and have always remembered it for being an outstanding year for both reds and whites.

    Reminiscing is fine and all, but now we're giving you the opportunity to actually taste those years for yourself with a special selection of past vintages from 1987 onwards including red, sticky and reserve wines. They're not only aged and delicious but also perfect for a thoughtful gift, be it a birthday, anniversary or for a long-suffering Carlton fan who's desperate to taste victory but will have to make do with a wine from the glory days ('87 and '95, in case you were wondering).