Committing to Nature: It’s official, Mount Avoca’s wines are now Vegan certified!

Committing to Nature: It’s official, Mount Avoca’s wines are now Vegan certified!

Since its inception, Mount Avoca has always sought to champion a clean and green ethos. Matthew Barry, our owner, had originally wished to take an organic and biodynamic approach, not only due to his father pioneering advocacy in pesticide reduction, but to ensure that our wines had a vitality and pep that would give us a unique point-of-difference, and set our wines apart from those on the market.

Our commitment hasn’t stopped there. Our pledge to the environment, and after becoming certified organic, meant the natural next step was to obtain Vegan certification. Striving for completely natural and chemical-free quality fruit in the vineyards, we now ensure all our highly awarded wines are completely free from any ingredients of animal origin and that animal products have not been used during the winemaking process.

Wine for all, and all for wine

We produce pure, clean organic wines with passion and integrity. All our wines are grown, made and bottled on the estate, and most are certified organic in both the vineyard and winery. Being certified vegan has not changed any integral part of our winemaking processes, certification has simply given you, our wine-loving followers, yet another reason to never stress about entertaining. You can rest assured that our wines can be shared and enjoyed by all.

The choice is yours

Don’t stop at just one wine, we have the full Estate and Headspace ranges, all certified vegan and organic, plus our Reserve wine – The Calling Shiraz which is also vegan.

The Calling Shiraz, our dark ruby full-bodied wine, is juicy, and offers layers of fruit complexity. An elegant and vibrant ripe fruit profile of raspberry and damson plum weaves through powdery soft tannins.

Our Estate Range offers wines that reflect the character of the region, our drive and passion to deliver something special. These wines capture the heart and soul of the Pyrenees and are best shared with friends and family, when you’re hanging out and unwinding.

Our Headspace wines lean into the ‘tree-change’ story of Barry family, when they left the rat race and established Mount Avoca. The Headspace wines celebrate that clarity of intent and the pursuit of crafting remarkable wines, with elegance and vibrancy for all to enjoy.

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