Premium Shiraz Selection

Explore the best of our shiraz with this premium selection pack featuring three wines offering something special on the palate.

From our 2020 Estate Shiraz to our perfectly balanced 2019 Headspace Shiraz, you'll enjoy full-bodied examples of why the Pyrenees region is so celebrated for its shiraz. Last but not least is our 2017 The Calling, which is an elegant, complex and full-bodied wine crafted with grapes sourced from 50-year-old vines grown in a unique micro-geological site. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to try three exceptional bottles at an even more exceptional price!

This pack includes:

2 x The Calling 2017 Shiraz 
2 x Headspace 2020 Shiraz 
2 x Estate 2020 Shiraz