Pinot Grigio Scores 90 Pink Points

Ben Thomas loves our Pinot Grigio which may make you blush.

"Cherry Danish, musk and candied-peel aromas", this delicious tinted white varietal has gotten attention in the latest Weekly Review magazine. A small amount of skin contact (as the grapes are actually purple in colour but produce white juice) allows us to paint a different picture of the usual Pinot Grigio/Gris on offer in Australia.

Ben Thomas, a frequent contributor to the Melbourne based magazine has given many an education on the origins of this popular drink. Stylistically different, our method and organic approach to viticulture might leave you tickled pink with pleasure. 

If you enjoyed the 2015 release, you'll be pleased to hear our 2016 vintage has just been picked this week and will be lovingly prepared over the next few months. Can we improve on a cellar-door favourite? Only time can tell.

Read the full article below or in your copy of the Feb 17-23, Weekly Review or follow @senorthomas for more.

You'll be living 'la vie en rose'. Purchase now!

Mount Avoca
Mount Avoca